Dr. Pratikakis Anastasios M.D. speaks English fluently.He is an an Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmic Surgeon and maintains a private practice in the area of Zografou Athens Greece. He is a general Ophthalmologist but has a special field of interest in Cataract Microsurgery, Laser Refractive Surgery (myopia,hyperopia, astigmatism) and eyelid microsurgery (Bloodless Blepharoplasty). Continuing the legacy of his mother(also an ophthalmologist) who also had the same office since 1980, he provides high quality patient-centered medical services and has performed a variety of ophthalmic surgeries.

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The complete and state-of-the-art equipment allows the IRIS Ophthalmology Office to perform all the necessary ophthalmological examinations, while at the same time giving the possibility to Dr. Pratikakis Anastasios M.D. to offer you the correct and accurate diagnosis for the treatment of any ophthalmic disease.

Examinations and Surgeries

The following examinations are performed at the doctor’s office:

Complete refractive control (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia) of adults and children with the latest technology. Also, electronic prescription for eyeglasses and medicines is performed.

Medical Certificates are given for faculties and academies (military,sports academy, etc.)

Examination on the Slit Lamp is performed for diseases of the conjunctiva, cornea, eyelids, lens, lacrimal layer and others.

Intraocular Pressure measurement with Goldmann applanation tonometer and iCare tonometer.

Fundoscopy with 3 methods. Examination necessary for a variety of diseases: Cataracts, Floaters and Photopsia (flies and flashes), Vitreous or Retinal Detachment, Glaucoma evaluation, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Sudden Loss of Vision,Numerous neurological conditions, and others

Cataract.Examination,evaluation and planning for surgery. Also (if Dr.Pratikakis does the surgery) the postoperative check-up is done in the doctor’s office.

LASER surgery (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia), examination, surgery planning and postoperative examination.

Examination and treatment of Chalazion.If the initial conservative management with medicines does not work, either microsurgical excision or cortisone injections are performed.

Bloodless Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty) and removal of xanthelasmas.This procedure is performed in the doctor’s office with plasma technology. No scalpel and no pain.

Visual Fields Examination-Automated Perimetry.Necessary examination for glaucoma or for patients with suspected glaucoma, and neurological patients.

Glaucoma Evaluation.Tonometric curve of intraocular pressure, Visual Fields test, Gonioscopy, Optic Nerve study e.t.c

Dr.Pratikakis Anastasios MD is an Ophthalmologist and Opthalmic Surgeon in Zografou area of Athens Greece,offering cutting edge medical services and surgical procedures as mentioned above.